Serving LLM 24x Faster On the Cloud with vLLM and SkyPilot

SkyPilot makes the deployment and development of vLLM easy and fast on clouds.

Woosuk Kwon, Zhuohan Li, Zhanghao Wu·Jun 29, 2023·5 min read

SkyPilot 0.3: LLM support and unprecedented GPU availability across more clouds

SkyPilot Team·May 30, 2023·6 min read

Analyzing the Whole Mouse Brain Atlas on the Cloud With SkyPilot [User Post]

Experience report from Salk Institute on how biologists use SkyPilot to conduct research on the cloud.

Hanqing Liu·May 1, 2023·12 min read
LLaMA chatbots on any cloud with SkyPilot

Run LLaMA LLM chatbots on any cloud with one click

Want to host your own LLM Chatbot on any cloud of your choosing?

Woosuk Kwon, Zongheng Yang·Mar 20, 2023·7 min read

SkyPilot: ML and Data Science on any cloud with massive cost savings

Introducing SkyPilot.

Zongheng Yang, Ion Stoica·Nov 16, 2022·9 min read